Our Projects

Time is a catastrophe, perpetual and irreversible.
Ital Calvino – The Distance of the Moon.


A speculative futures multi arts research tool for capturing ethical decision making around genetic adaptation for a future ficitonal (ish) set of scenarios

Evolving Ourselves

An ongoing Sci-Art R&D project to make tangible with visible/audible outputs, the ethical implications of emerging technologies in the biological sciences, in particular the field of CRISPR gene editing technology in relation to Climate Change


An art-science collaboration between visual and sonic artists and academics from astrophysics, computer science, humanities and social sciences. It took as its focus the self-organising powers of planetary rings (such as those around Saturn) as researched by astrophysicists.

Seaweed Samples


This piece imagines ancient communication modalities, where hybrid life forms—intertwined with elements like stone, soil, rock, plant, and animal—strive to communicate with us across geological epochs. 

What are we working on ?

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