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Exploring the intersections between the arts and diverse fields such as astrophysics, genetics, urban planning, ecology, climate change, technological adaptation, AI, and design futures.






Speculative Futures


Interactive Narratives​

Our Approach

Meet the Artists

Linda O’Keeffe
Linda, trained in visual and sound arts, sociology and media theory, integrates cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary methodologies.

Working within communities, she creates spaces for shared practice and ideas.

As a feminist theorist, she advocates for inclusive engagement, emphasising the voices of marginalised communities, especially regarding ecological disasters.
Tony Doyle
Tony is a classically trained musician and sound artist working with data sonification and spatial audio.

As a creative coder, Tony uses machine learning to explore algorithmic potentials and interpretation of scientific understandings through sonic landscapes and interactive performances.
Ines Montalvao
Ines is a multidisciplinary creative with demonstrated work in curation, experience & concept design and co-creation in international projects and exhibitions, with museums and other organizations.

Ines focuses her creative practice in the field of art-science: with a background in Biology and a thrill for art, she combines both, exploring cross-disciplinary approaches, storytelling, illustration and innovative ways to create narrative environments that enact emotions and enable meaningful experiences.

She is also co-founder of Mandarina Collective and project Lingua Plantae.
Ashley James Brown
Ashley is a digital artist working with sound and visuals to build playful interactive experiences that span multiple sectors both commercially and privately.

His work is participatory and co-creative and looks at themes of mental health, nostalgia, playfulness and inclusivity.

Ashley uses code and electronics to explore the aesthetic potentials of the future and employs game psychology to build compelling playful narrative experiences.

We love to collaborate
with artists, scientists, museums, galleries and festivals.

We run research workshops and focus groups at the intersection of the sciences and the arts.

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